How do I weather my tent?

When buying a bell tent for the first time you will hear that you have to 'weather it'. When you first buy a bell tent, there are little needle holes from the sewing of the tent that water could potentially get in. How do you fix it? Weathering is all about reducing the size of these holes by adding water. This causes the material to contract and the thread to minimise – which means no more holes!

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Top 10 things to consider before buying a bell tent

So, you're in the market to buy a bell tent?!We know that there are a lot of things to consider, such as sizing, style, quality of canvas and specific features. We often get calls from customers asking about the various styles of bell tents and what differs us from the rest.

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Step-by-step instructions – How to set up and pack away a bell tent

Wondering how to set up a bell tent? Assembling and taking down a Psyclone bell tent is easy! It only takes one person approximately 15 minutes. There is only one central pole plus the doorframe. Peg and tighten the ropes and your bell tent is ready to go!

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A guide to Far North Queensland in a bell tent

There’s only so long a gypsy can ‘settle’ in one place. The nomadic lifestyle is made even easier when your tent packs down into a little duffle, can be strapped on the roof, and pitches easily by one person in under 20 minutes. After a month in the new Gypsy Palace, we were ready to explore the north and hit the road as eager as kids in a candy store with our gypsy wagon on wheels.

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