The origin of the iconic tipi tent 

The word tipi, also spelled teepee, comes from the Lakota word ‘thipi’ meaning dwelling. 

Dating back to the 1800s, the Native Americans would move regularly to different locations, and in each new location, would erect their tipi tent. Tipis were built using long wooden poles and covered with buffalo skin (which were hunted along the treks). The design was impeccable for their needs as the iconic cone shape meant that it would withstand wind, rain and snow and keep those inside safe and dry against the conditions. 

A beautiful tradition of the tipi tents is that they were always arranged in a circle, to symbolise ‘life’ – and the doorway of each tent would be facing the rising sun. In winter, a fire was built in the centre to keep warm, with the smoke flowing out the top air vents.



The modern day tipi 

We here at Psyclone Tents feel it is important to honour and respect the heritage of the traditional tipi and its evolution over time. Inspired by the character and shape of the original tipis, we have designed two size variations using modern materials that can withstand Australian weather conditions. 

You’ll be glad to know that with our 4 metre and 5 metre tipi tents are designed using an extremely durable canvas material. It is a cotton blend and is the most heavy duty canvas currently being used on glamping tents Australia-wide. The original wooden poles have also been upgraded to a hard wearing zinc-coated aluminium 

Talk of the town

Our tipi tents are a real showstopper for any event. They’re the perfect gathering place for a celebration, whether that’s a birthday party, a kids event, festival sleepover, or a romantic proposal.

A brilliant idea is to have the stunning tipis as accommodation for wedding guests. We’re sure that anyone will thrive on the adventure of sleeping in a tipi tent the night of their big day. It’ll really set your celebration apart from the rest!

For the camping pros

For the hardcore campers who fancy something a bit different, look no further. The tipis may be aesthetically pleasing, but that doesn’t mean they don’t do the job, and do the job well! They really are ideal for any outdoor adventures. They come with separate bags for the pegs and poles (organisation is key!) and are made from extra heavy duty 360GSM cotton canvas. Impressive hey! It’s also UV/storm resistant, flame resistant and has insect proof air vents, so you really are covered for any event that may occur… better to be safe than sorry!  

Thanks to the multiple air vents, dual mesh doors and windows, you’ll be comfortably accommodated during the summer months. The perfect excuse to explore the land that this beautiful country has to offer. There’s no better feeling than setting up camp in your chosen spot and marking your territory with the camping pegs, similarly to the first men on the moon! 

What’s included?

  • 2 doors for extra access and airflow – suited for the Aussie climate, both our tipi tents have not one, but two doors for extra access but more importantly, maximum airflow
  • Air vents – both size tents have 4 air vents, so you really will be kept cool, no matter how warm the weather gets
  • 5 metre tipi has 28 galvanised pegs and our 4 metre tipi has 24 galvanised pegs. They’re sturdy stuff!
  • Centre poles
  • 6 metre ropes 
  • Matching canvas carry bag with tightening straps 
  • Instructions on how to set up 
  • A guarantee of magical memory making

Which tipi is for you?

Take a look below at the specs comparison, to see which tipi best suits your wants and needs. Don’t hesitate to ask if you’d like assistance in choosing your new camping companion!  


5 metre: 500cm x 358cm
4 metre: 400cm x 290cm

Total weight

5 metre: 35.8kg
4 metre: 28.2kg

Centre pole height 

5 metre: 3.58m
4 metre: 2.9m

Air vents

5 metre: 4
4 metre: 4

Both tipi tents feature:

  • Fly screen door and windows 
  • Canvas carry bag 
  • Official YKK zips 
  • Loop at the top to hang dry the tent before packing away
  • Air vents in the roof
  • Extra strengthened points around the door
  • 12 month guarantee on workmanship 


We can’t wait for you to add a tipi tent to your life’s adventures! Shop HERE