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Our Guide to Backyard Camping

Backyard camping

Our Guide to Backyard Camping

We are currently in the peak camping season here in Australia, but there’s a slight issue – we are all in isolation and can’t leave our houses! Although your holiday camping plans might be cancelled, there is a way to sleep under the stars and experience the beauty of camping without leaving your house.

Camping in your own backyard!

Experience nature and all the fun that camping brings, without the hassle of packing all of your gear and planning the perfect camping spot. This is our guide to having the perfect backyard camping holiday.

Step 1: Set up your campsite

Photo: Backyard Glamping Parties

  • If you already have a tent, then find a flat surface in your backyard and go ahead and pitch. You can make it super comfortable with pillows, blankets and an inflatable mattress – the beauty of camping at home!
  • If you don’t have a tent, use a large tarp or blanket and make an outdoor fort. Just make sure you are covered in case it rains – and so no intruders can make their way into your shelter during the night.
  • Fairy lights create a magical atmosphere and add some extra lighting to your outdoor campsite – solar powered camping lamps will work too.

Photo: Backyard Glamping Parties

Step 2: Plan your meal

  • The true camping experience doesn’t involve an indoor kitchen, so to make it authentic as possible – you want to eat around the fire. If you have a fire pit, you can easily roast veggies on the fire. If you don’t – make your own fire and cook away. Please note that not all rocks can be used for fires!
  • If you’re not keen on a bonfire (or your area has restrictions in place), pack food like you usually would on a camping trip and enjoy them around your campsite. Sandwiches and salads work great!
  • For dessert, we recommend chocolate, marshmallows and sweet biscuits to make homemade smores. Banana and chocolate wrapped in aluminium foil is also a delicious treat.

Step 3: Don’t forget the activities

Photo: Backyard Glamping Parties

  • No camping trip is complete without a range of fun activities! A backyard movie night is the *perfect* camping activity. Simply set up a projector, chairs and cook some popcorn – and you are all set for a movie experience even better than the cinema!
  • Games such as Simon Says, I Spy and Tag are fun for the whole family. You can also go on a nature hunt or flashlight war depending on the size of your backyard.
  • Telling stories around the campfire is a camping activity as old as time, but there’s a reason why it’s so popular. You can tell spooky ghost stories, or tell a group story where each person takes turns to build upon the story as you go along.
  • Appreciate the simple things and do some stargazing. Lie down on a blanket with some pillows and cuddle up together to look at the stars! Get creative and name star constellations for some extra fun.


There you have it, everything you need to have a backyard camping adventure! To make it feel like a real camping experience, make sure you only go inside for emergencies and the bathroom – pack everything you’ll need to sleep overnight so you can truly appreciate the great outdoors and get away from technology.

If you need some more backyard camping inspiration, check out the Facebook group ‘The Backyard Campsite.’ A Ballarat teacher created the group to share backyard camping experiences, and it’s a great source of ideas!

Have a great time! We’d love to see your backyard camping photos. Tag @psyclonetents on Instagram so we can share.