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Tri-Pole – Create more space in the 3 metre bell tent!

Are you the proud owner of a Psyclone 3 metre bell tent? While this smaller sized tent is perfect for solo camping, it is limited to fitting two single beds in it. Well, until now! With our new customised Tri-Pole, you can now open up the space inside the 3 metre tent – allowing you to fit in a double bed. The Tri-Pole eliminates the central pole, allowing you to fit a double bed inside – perfect for the kids or to cuddle up to your significant other.

The Tri-Pole has three legs that fit along the inside walls of the tent, meaning that there is no centre pole whatsoever. You can comfortably slide a double bed in and still have some room for your bags and camping gear.

Purchase your very own Tri-Pole for 3 metre bell tent now!

  • Tri-Pole for 3 Metre Bell Tent

    $ 85.00

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    Tri-Pole for 3 Metre Bell Tent

    Want to create more space in your 3 metre bell tent? The Tri-Pole does exactly that! Our brand new Tri-Pole has three legs that fit along the inside walls of the tent without the central pole down the middle of the tent. This means you can now fit a double bed inside rather than just two singles. You won’t lose any height or any width in the tent.


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