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  • 5 Metre Bell Tent

    $ 925.00$ 1,015.00

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    5 Metre Bell Tent


    • 5 metre diameter
    • Fits up to four double beds (perfect for the whole family!)
    • Tent Material: 340 gsm polyester cotton canvas blend
    • Canvas is treated to be fire retardant and for mould resistance
    • Floor is heavy duty 520 gsm PVC
    • Official YKK zips
    • Centre pole height: 3 metres
    • Total weight: approx 34 kgs (including pegs and poles)

    Included Features:

    • All tents have a fly screen door and windows
    • Loop at the top to hang and dry the tent before packing away for long periods of time
    • Comes complete with canvas carry bag and all pegs, poles and ropes
    • All tents have extra strengthened points around the door
    • 12 month guarantee on workmanship (excludes zips, pegs and poles)

    Included Parts:

    • 1 x 4m rope and 13 x 2m ropes
    • 28 pegs
    • Centre pole & door frame
    • Canvas carry bag


    • 5m Fixed Floor = 4 windows
    • 5m Removable Floor = 4 windows
    • 5m Fixed Floor + Extra Windows = 10 windows
  • Tent Canopy

    $ 165.00

    Pay by instalments with

    Tent Canopy

    For an extra bit of personal shading and storage, why not get a Psyclone Canopy to attach onto your Psyclone Bell Tent. These canopies come in one size and easily attach onto the front of any Psyclone Bell Tent. Store your shoes, bags and more under this extended verandah.


    • Suitable for 3 metre, 4 metre and 5 metre tents
    • One size fits all
    • Dimensions = 3.6m x 2.4m
    • Made from the same 340 gsm canvas as the tent


    • Matching carry bag
    • One pole
    • Pegs
  • Tent Covers

    $ 230.00$ 265.00

    Pay by instalments with

    Tent Covers

    Yes, our tents are 100% waterproof on their own – However, for people who leave their tents up for long periods of time (think glamping companies), we have developed these specifically sized tent covers to add an extra layer of protection and coverage.

    Made from lightweight Ripstop fabric, these covers are 100% waterproof – keeping your tent extra dry and cooler in the summer sun.

    They are easy to set-up over the top of your existing bell tent and come with their own ropes.

    Available in two sizes:

    • 4 metres
    • 5 metres
  • Pole Sets

    $ 55.00$ 65.00

    Pay by instalments with

    Pole Sets


    • Centre pole with rubber stoppers
    • ‘A’ frame door pole
    • Plus heavy duty pole bag
  • Solar Panel

    $ 385.00

    Pay by instalments with

    54w Solar Panel – Portable Power 
    – Custom made for Psyclone Bell Tents

    Looking for the portable solar power for your camping set up? Our custom made Solar Panel is specifically designed to fit perfectly on top of any size Psyclone bell tent. Easy to attach onto the top of any bell tent – just pop it on top while you are setting up your tent. The Solar Panel attracts the sun’s rays and converts its energy into power. Connect to one of the two power adaptors and charge your devices, mobile phones, camera batteries, lights and any other camping accessory.


    • After you slide in the A frame for the door, place the solar panel on the outside of your tent – on the very top peak
    • Ensure that your power pack cables are hanging down the sides
    • Insert the central pole inside the tent and slide it up as per normal
    • Your solar panel will now sit snugly on top of your bell tent

    The solar panel is waterproof. However as a precaution, please be sure to remove it in strong winds and heavy rain.


    • Solar panel
    • Two power packs
    • Carry bag
    • Instructions

    Fits all sizes and styles of bell tent:

    • 3 metre bell tent
    • 4 metre bell tent
    • 5 metre bell tent


    Power Bank:

    • Micro USB Input: DC 5V 2A
    • Solar Charge (FC IN): DC 5V 3.5A
    • USB Output 1: DC 5V 2.1A
    • USB Output 2: DC 5V 1A
    • Li-polymer Battery 3.7V 10000mAh (37WH)
    • Size: 152 x 70 x 15mm
    • Net weight: 275g

    5V Power Adapter:

    • Input: 100-200V AC
    • Output: 5V 2A DC

    Folding Solar Charger:

    • Open Circuit Voltage: 6.0V
    • Short Circuit Current: 12.0A
    • Rated Power: 54W
    • Size: 350 x 330 x 70mm (folded) / 703 x 615 x 233mm (open)
    • Net weight: 2700g

    For more accessories, click here.

  • Tri-Pole for 3 Metre Bell Tent

    $ 85.00

    Pay by instalments with

    Tri-Pole for 3 Metre Bell Tent

    Want to create more space in your 3 metre bell tent? The Tri-Pole does exactly that! Our brand new Tri-Pole has three legs that fit along the inside walls of the tent without the central pole down the middle of the tent. This means you can now fit a double bed inside rather than just two singles. You won’t lose any height or any width in the tent.


  • Rope Sets

    $ 11.00$ 13.00

    Pay by instalments with

    Rope Sets


    • Enough guy ropes to replace every rope on your tent
    • High quality metal rope tensioners (not plastic!)
  • Rubber Stoppers

    $ 25.00

    Pay by instalments with

    Rubber Stoppers

    These Rubber Stoppers go on either end of your bell tent’s centre pole. The rubber stoppers protect your canvas bell tent. Comes as a set of two.

    To purchase Tent Pole Sets, shop here.

  • Gift Card

    $ 50.00$ 1,000.00

    Gift Card

    Purchase a Psyclone Tents gift card to redeem for store credit on any of our items. A perfect gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and more.