TentMate is an Australian made waterproofing and anti-mould treatment, designed for use on new and used tents, awnings, canvas, swags, tarpaulins, caravan annexes, outdoor umbrellas, camping gear, clothing and footwear.

TentMate helps to waterproof items by invisibly coating the fibres, enabling them to repel water, dirt, tree sap and general grime. The anti-mould properties of TentMate help limit and control the growth of mould and mildew, which are usually the cause of damp musty odours.

Directions for use (for tents and other items):

  1. Lightly spray TentMate evenly over the surface*, making sure not to soak the item.
  2. TentMate will bead on certain surfaces, so it is recommended to gently rub in with a sponge.
  3. Apply two light coats rather than one heavy one.
  4. Allow 24hrs to completely dry.

*Use approximately 100mL per 1sqm of textile area.