5m Wall Poles Set

  • The adjustable roof pole fits securely on the inside of your bell tent. When using this accessory, you can remove the guide rope from the top of the A-Frame pole that goes down in front of the tent. This provides better access through the doorway if needed. The roof pole easily connects to the top of the centre pole and top spike of the A-frame doorway pole. Suitable for our 3m, 4m & 5m bell tents and also the Emperor tent. Carry bag included.
  • Spare adjustable pole to use with our canopy. Can also be used for propping up your own tarps or shade for your Psyclone Tent. Adjustable height: 1490mm - 2900mm Spike length: 45mm
  • Wall Poles

    $ 65.00$ 75.00
    The wall poles connect to your bell tent ropes, allowing you to reduce your overall footprint by shortening the guide rope length. This is a great option if you’re going to be camping with limited space, such as at a public campground or event. The wall poles also provide added support to the overall shape and structure of your tent. The wall poles come in sets to fit either the 4m bell tent or the 5m bell tent. Carry bag included.


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