Sustainability is something we are truly passionate about here at Psyclone Tents, and we strive to help in any way we can to create an eco-friendly world. 

When we were contacted by fashion design student Isabelle Badr to supply some of our tent materials for a project – we knew we had to be a part of it! Today we chat to Isabelle and learn more about her mission to change the fashion industry for the better – and why she decided to use our tents as her inspiration.

Tell us about your background in sustainable fashion

I believe that sustainable fashion is still a growing field, especially the discoveries of innovative solutions and upcycling waste to create apparel. As an environmentally conscious designer, I constantly question myself on how fashion can potentially slow the rapid pace of landfill. I consider sustainability as not just a passing trend, rather a better future.

Why is upcycling important (particularly in the fashion industry)?

The over-consumption of fast-fashion and constant discarding of new textiles has been a detrimental cause of environmental concerns. We now live in a throw-away society with cheap synthetic materials at low costs. 

Imagine if fashion industries discontinued the production of new textiles, and all the materials were extracted from industries outside the fashion domain then shared around. Fashion would be contributing to a circular economy by upcycling waste. This process would transform not only the product, but the way society thinks about waste – and can add value to it whilst maintaining high-performance designs and reducing environmental impact.

What made you decide to use our tents as your materials for your project?

I was immediately drawn to upcycling tents and sleeping bags after discovering the enormous amount being left behind atfestivals and other major events. Also, the durability of these products were key to making long-lasting clothes.  

I was eager to collaborate with Psyclone Tents seeing as we both reflect on the current waste problem. We both intended to create content which would raise awareness to the wider community, inclusive of consumers outside the fashion industry. By using Psyclone tents, I wanted to inspire other fashion makers and thinkers to realise a better world for fashion by sharing materials from all types of industries rather than sourcing new ones. I pride myself on pushing the boundaries of how I can make clothes. 

Where did the inspiration for the styles come from?

I wanted my collection to move away from conventional streetwear garments and design with a deeper appreciation forconsumer needs. My garments provide wearers with customisable features. Studies show that transformable fashion is considered a sustainable design method given the extended lifespan of a garment. My aim was to highlight the mobility and protection of the camping gear before transforming them into these upcycled wearables. Usability and performance were key elements in the refining stages of my project. 

Wow! What an informative interview we had with Isabella. We love that she shares the same environmentally-friendly views as us, and we are so honoured she used our tents as materials for her sustainable fashion project.

If you’d like to follow Isabella’s sustainable fashion design journey, you can find her here.

Feel feel to contact us for any other upcycling opportunities! We are always open to collaborating.